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D3 to Pro: Jessie Cardin Shines in Marathon Debut


Fresh off a fantastic debut marathon in Chicago, Jessie Cardin joins us to discuss her 2:33 marathon! Debut marathons typically go one of two ways: a glow up or a blow up and Cardin definitely had a a glow up. Hitting the OTQ in her first try, Cardin is starting to get excited about this new distance and push her potential.

Cardin joined Hansons Brooks this summer to go all in on running and to stop teaching full-time. While the transition has been tough to not teach, she has taken full advantage of her time. She’ll have her eyes set on Boston 2023 has her next marathon.

Before she tackled the 26.2 distance, Cardin was a 3x All-American at Westfield State. With her sister a graduate of the school, it was always a place Cardin felt comfortable. An early conversation with her coach reassuring her that she wouldn’t be under sister’s shadow brought her comfort. Cardin had a breakout Sophomore year where she finished 20th in XC.

Cardin left Westfield State wanting more from running. She joined various groups and continued to take time off her PRs. COVID-19 allowed her to try the longer distances and after running 72 minutes in the half, she thought would take a stab at the marathon.

Cardin displays wisdom of a seasoned marathoner and we’re excited to she what she does next. Make sure you follow her on Instagram to keep up her journey.

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