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The Nebraska Wesleyan 4X4 7PEAT – Part 1


“That’s one thing that made our women really special was that they never made the moment bigger than what it was”

The Nebraska Wesleyan’s 4×4 went on a historic streak of seven straight 4×4 wins. Spanning from Outdoors in 2016 to Outdoors in 2019, NWU was on the top spot on the podium. Building a streak like that is difficult, doing it with 6 different women takes a special program. Through this series, we speak with the women and coaches that made this streak to better understand how this happened.

In Part 1, we speak with Derrick McKenzie, the assistant sprints coach that came back to his Alma Mater in 2016 – right as the streak began. Coach McKenzie lays the foundation of the Nebraska Wesleyan track team, gives us an inside look at the makeup of the team, and helps us better understand how this all happened.

After Coach McKenzie, we’re joined by Katie Krick and Abby Hunke. Two integral members of this 4×4 team. They were on the team before the streak happened and were juniors when it began. They walk us through what the team was like before this streak happened and how their leadership was key in all of this. We learn about Abby’s injury her senior year and how the trust from Ted made all the difference. As the leader of the team, Katie filled us in on what it meant to be the anchor not on the relay but as the emotional anchor as well.

This is going to be fun. This four-part series will be released each Tuesday, so make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss it!

Nebraska Wesleyan track and field

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