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The Nebraska Wesleyan 4X4 7PEAT – Part 2


“I didn’t want to think of it as we always had to win. I didn’t want to take away the fun from this experience we were having with our friends.”

We continue with the Nebraska Wesleyan 4×4 7PEAT with the backbone of the relay group. Referred throughout the series as the twins, Elizabeth and Kaylee Jones had the unique experience of bridging the gap between both groups to help bring NWU 7 straight 4×4 titles.

A career that almost didn’t happen, Elizabeth and Kaylee were a package duo when it came to the college search process. Their conversations with Ted, the women on the team, and the clear balance of academics and athletics were key in their decision to go to NWU instead of the big state school.

As you’ll hear throughout this episode, the twins were competitive but above all else, thoroughly enjoyed this experience with their teammates. Elizabeth and Kaylee were the role models and leaders to their teammates for their work ethic and dedication. They understood the importance of being great teammates and worked hard for their teammates. They were an influential duo of the team and reaped the benefits of their hard work by combining for 23 All American honors.

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The Twins D3 Glory Days Podcast

On the expectations during the streak:

“There were never any expectations that were too crushing but they were enough for us to be pushed to succeed”

On getting ready for outdoor nationals:

“After that indoor season (2016), we knew we had something special. Once we got to that Outdoor National meet, we were ready to go. We had high expectations that we could win.”

On talking with their teammates about the streak:

“We would all go back to the hotel and talk about how the race would go. We were so focused that when we got to the start, we were ready.”

On their perspective of the streak:

“I didn’t want to think of it as we always had to win. I didn’t want to take away the fun from this experience we were having with our friends”

On more than the streak:

“Talking about the streak was a motivational factor for us. We knew we had the potential to go out and win to keep the streak alive. But if it didn’t happen, we had these amazing memories that we’ll have forever.”

On the importance of the people involved:

“While it was awesome to win 7 titles, the people we accomplished it with was the best part of it”

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