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Tori Neubauer Joins The D3 Glory Days Podcast


“I don’t think they liked the little guys beating the big guys.”

Tori Neubauer UW LaCrosseWelcome to D3 Glory Days on the Citius Mag Podcast Network, on this week’s program: Tori Neubauer. The UW – La Crosse alum racked up six individual titles during her D3 career. In Tori’s era, the winners of the D3 XC championships were invited to compete at the D1 Championship meet several days later. In 1983 Tori became one of a handful of D3 champions to also claim a D1 All-American award, finishing 11th. Tori claims her mental toughness is her greatest asset and that shines through in this interview. We also get into a frank discussion of Tori’s struggles with “atypical eating” habits and learning more efficient communication strategies. She pursued post-collegiate racing, qualifying for two Olympic Trials, but eventually lost the passion for running, and decided to hang up the shoes. Ultimately Tori could look back on her pioneering D3 career with tremendous pride. To this day, she goes back to UW-LaCrosse to meet with the current athletes, help out at meets, and hand out awards at the Tori Neubauer Invitational.


On balancing life and running:

“You get that identity that you’re just a runner and then when you quit competing and you’re not as successful, you lose some of that. I miss that competitiveness and being at meets, but I’m still happy and that is the most important thing to be at peace with yourself and move on.”

On what made her successful:

“For me, my mental toughness superseded my physical abilities and I believe that’s what helped me have success. My mental toughness was the strong point in my running.”

On her pride for UW-LaCrosse:

“I try to do as much as I can for LaCrosse because if it wasn’t for LaCrosse and giving me those opportunities, I wouldn’t have been able to do those things I did as a runner. So I try to give back as much as I can. It may not be financially but if it’s mentorship or going to meet the athletes when I can, I really enjoy that.”

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