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DFL Podcast: Jim Walmsley on Western States Glory, 2020 Olympic Trials, and adjusting to a new lifestyle

Stephen and Paul had a fantastic chat with Jim Walmsley – one of the best ultrarunners in the world. We invite you to listen to the entire podcast, but below are some highlights from the chat. We’ve also included some photos of our session at Dark Sky Brewing from photographer Sarah Cotton.

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12:00 – His time at Air Force Academy

18:00 – What his time spent in Montana taught him about running and perspective

20:00 – His first ultra experience

23:20 – “I’m reaching a level of fitness that I’ve never seen before, and I’m going to run a fast time regardless that will make people say ‘wow'”

24:30 – How he could fail again at Western States – “If I were to lose the race, it will be Jim breaking Jim”

26:15 – Approaching the impossible at Western States

28:00 – Comrades Marathon

29:50 – Jim speaks on his desire to run a fast marathon in the 2020 US Olympic Trials

“I definitely want to try and run something fast. If it’s my one and only, I want to try and run my best ever. I don’t know what type of audience this will reach, but – this might spoil my plans – more or less, my plan is to just time trial like a 2:09 or 2:10 marathon. I have no idea if I can do it and I won’t know until the finish line is in front of me.”

32:00 –  Will we see more college kids jump to the trails over the roads or tracks?

35:54 – On being sponsored and how life has changed, plus handling stress

42:32 – Jim discusses a new documentary

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