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Full Tub with Nick Roche: Zac Garrard and Hot Takes About Half Ironmans

“I wrapped up my collegiate career as a 3:47 guy with chronic Achilles issues. So I took the summer off to travel reset the mind. Post travel I decided to hop in a local 5K, thinking I could sneak under 16 and probably be pretty close to the front. Saw this crew of dorks in all black kits (later to be identified as the Jacuzzi Boys.) The gun goes off, we go out in 4:41, I’m thinking ‘oh shit, this is far spicier than I thought’ I figured I’d show up and win easy beer money for the following week. It was a wake-up call to finish 23rd in 15:50, giving me the motivation to shift from the casual trot to some purposeful runs and finding the love for racing again. Shifting to more XC and longer Road Races (15ks) to maintain excitement.” ⁣- Zac Garrard on where running stood as a priority post-collegiate athletics to “real” life

William Zac Garrard joins the show to chat about how he’s broken out as a rising star on the team after a successful career at Gonzaga.

He’s a civil engineer in Portland. Originally from Owensboro, Kentucky and why you should never go there. Then what happens when that kid goes to Spokane, Washington. As a Zag, he was primarily focused on the middle distance events but has now extended his range while with the Jacuzzi Boys. He’s also training for his first Half Ironman. That’s kind of dumb because the half marathon component is about four miles longer than the longest race that he’s run.

Anyway, he’s known to rip 25-second 200s and wears Speedos to parties.

We spit some hot takes like the fact that Morgan Pearson should stop doing the triathlon and just focus on running.

Fun Fact: Zac has split 4 pairs of Banana Republic Chinos since our host has met him.

This is a fun conversation.

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This is Full Tub with Nick Roche – a new podcast on the CITIUS MAG Podcast Network showcasing the members of the Jacuzzi Boys Athletic Club.

The plan is to have some deep and personal conversations with various members of the JBAC. Get to know some of Portland, Oregon’s fastest and most thought-provoking characters. The group is just a couple guys and gals looking to crush miles and maybe have a beer or two.

If you forgot your bathing suit, have no fear. You can still hop in the tub in a pair of split shorts. The water is getting warm. Hop on in.

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