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The future of the sport with Mary Wittenberg and Toni Reavis (Presented by Tracksmith)

My apologies for the delay in a new podcast episode this week. Been caught up with several Boston Marathon projects and networking while here. On Friday evening, I was invited to be part of Tracksmith‘s panel discussing the future of the sport with Mary Wittenberg and Toni Reavis. It was moderated by Matt Taylor.

Mary’s got some interesting projects about the launch with Virgin Sport after a remarkable career with New York Road Runners. She discusses some of what she’s been working on as well as her experience from the race management and development side of things. Toni’s voice has been heard on countless marathon broadcasts and he can recite running history like no other. I’m there as the resident millennial and to shed some wisdom on the media side of things and where we see things going.

Give the panel a listen and if you’re in Boston, be sure to check out Tracksmith’s new TrackHouse location at 285 Newbury St..

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We’ll be back next week with a regularly scheduled episode on Friday and a Voicemail show on Tuesday.

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