Loyola Coach Amy Horst On Acknowledging Success And Pushing For Equality

More Than Running

October 27, 2021

“For as much as our pandemic has been focused on inaction and staying at home, I think with the changes that we’re trying to make, we’re actually trying to do things about them now that we’re back out in the community and going.”

Amy Horst is the head men’s and women’s cross country coach at Loyola and the head women’s track coach. In the latest episode of @morethanrunningpod, we explore Amy’s previous career as an engineer working on CT machines and what made her decide to switch to coaching. Amy and @dana_gio connected regarding her work as a member of the NCAA sports committee for track and cross country. Amy and her committee are the behind-the-scenes machine that makes NCAA championships work.

Amy also has been working to grow female announcing voices at the NCAA level. This episode shares some takeaways about following your passion, acknowledging your work even when it feels like nothing has been accomplished (Something many can relate to during the pandemic) and how to keep pushing for equality in the spaces you work in.

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