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Introducing ‘More Than Running with Dana Giordano’

There was a recent viral tweet and news story out there about Amazon selling out of podcasting microphones. That means this just might be a phenomenal time to announce the launch of my podcast – More Than Running with Dana Giordano!

In all seriousness,  I have been wanting to create a podcast to share the experiences I’ve had on the inside of as a professional runner. For those of you who may not be familiar with me, I am a middle-distance runner for the Boston Athletic Association and Adidas. About a year ago, I left my job at a shoe company to pursue my own Olympic dream with the B.A.A.  At the NCAA level, I competed for Dartmouth and found some success but was also a straight-up fan of track and field. For a long period of time, I felt that the number of human interest stories about the female athletes that I looked up to was lacking. There was some coverage but not a ton or nearly enough. Things are a lot different now with social media, emerging female writers and reporters and the booming podcast industry. Here’s to more storytelling!

With my position as a professional athlete, I think I offer a unique perspective into the lives of other professional female athletes and female game-changers in the sport. 

The podcast is called More than Running with Dana to set the tone for the conversations I plan to have with women across the landscape of the sport. Of course, there will be running talk but there will also be a deeper dive into the motivation and aspiration behind these women. Is your favorite professional runner an artist? A farmer? A comedian? Once we peel back the fancy kits and game faces, there is so much more to learn about the interests and passions of women within the sport of running and track.

Additionally, one of my goals is to give a voice to underrepresented women who are doing important work within the sport and aren’t getting enough attention. There is always room to hear more stories about women. 

The career lifespan of a professional runner can many times be short and I want to use this valuable time of mine to tell stories from the lens of a peer and competitor. I’m here to ask the interesting questions that I want the answers to and I hope you do as well.

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