Katherine Burgess, Graphic Designer

More Than Running

December 1, 2020

This episode hits at the core of why I started this podcast. Women reportedly only receive 4% of all sports media coverage. When I learned of this statistic, it truly stuck with me for years. In September, I was scrolling on Instagram and a cool project popped up where it was the New York Times’ sports section with all men’s sports coverage cut out. There was occasionally a little picture in the corner but it was mostly empty. The visual representation gripped me and I wanted to know more about the person behind the project.

Katherine Burgess is a runner and graphic designer based in Pittsburgh. Her project examining the New York Times’ sports section is just one of many projects that she’s put together. Her goal is to combine some of that passion for running with her creative energy and skills. She’s multi-talented. In this episode, we discuss what got her interested in doing that project, her thoughts on the media coverage of women in sports, her background in Division II running and much more.

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