Lauren Fleshman Wants To Change The Future Of Women's Sports

More Than Running

March 18, 2023

In this episode of More Than Running, I FINALLY sat down with Lauren Fleshman to discuss her new book Good For a Girl. I believe this book should be mandatory reading for anyone who coaches female athletes, is an athlete, or cares about improving the sporting landscape for all. Lauren's experience as an athlete competing at the highest professional level is unique, but her overall experience as a female athlete facing issues of body image, anxiety, and self-doubt is not.


– “We have to be willing to speak out before we have it figured out perfectly, because real people are being harmed right now. So you can't wait till you have it perfect to speak out.”

– “But then we also need to create a softer landing for those that are speaking out when they mess up. Like we're a part of that, we're part of society.”

Dana Giordano

After a decorated NCAA career at Dartmouth and a stint as a pro with the Boston Athletic Association, Dana has relocated to San Francisco, where she continues to proselytize the sport, and dabble in new hobbies like gravel biking and skiing.