Sara Vaughn Crushes Her Marathon Debut (2:26:53) With A Win At The California International Marathon

More Than Running

December 16, 2021

“I think the biggest thing is that I still love it. I’ve told myself after every season when you get tired toward the end and you don’t tend to love it as much, it’s OK if you want to walk away if the fire doesn’t come back. I’ll take a break and I’ll step away from the sport but I’ll always miss it pretty terribly like a few days later. I know it’s still there. I know I have more to give. The pure love for the sport is what keeps me coming back. If I set big goals and know what it takes to get there, then that keeps me on task and accountable.”

Sara Vaughn is traditionally known as a middle distance athlete who ran in the 2017 World Championships in the 1500m. Sara most recently won the California International Marathon in a huge jump in distance.

Sara is coached by her husband Brett and typically runs high mileage and balances her training, family life and her full-time job as a realtor. If you listened to last week’s episode you now know she is Kiera D’Amato’s new rival and I can’t wait to see these mother runners duke it out over the marathon distance one day.

At 35 years old and after her fourth baby she decided it was time to jump up in distance to the big 26.2 to keep her motivated after a disappointing U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trials. Sara recently won the California International Marathon in 2:26:53, which is the fifth-fastest debut by an American woman in history and she is only getting started.

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