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Lessons Learned in Season 2 of More Than Running with Dana Giordano


To wrap up Season 2 of More Than Running, Dana Giordano sits down with producer Chris Chavez to break down the biggest lessons from speaking to this season’s guests.

We featured: Michelle Sammet, Porscha Dobson, Bobbi Gibb, Katherine Burgess, Mrs. Space Cadet, Emma Abrahamson, Erika Kemp, Alexi Pappas, Erin Kinney, Nini Meyer, Emily Infeld, Taylor Tracey, Grayson Murphy and Courtney Wayment.

Dana provides an injury update after a foot issue sidelined her for much of the indoor season, plans for her upcoming training camp and racing before the 2021 U.S. Olympic Trials kick off in Eugene, Oregon on June 18.

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SEASON 2: Episode 1, Michelle Sammet | Episode 2, Porscha Dobson |Episode 3, Roberta Gibb | Episode 4, Katherine Burgess | Episode 5, Mrs. Space Cadet | Episode 6, Emma Abrahamson | Episode 7, Erika Kemp | Episode 8, Alexi Pappas |Episode 9, Nini Meyer | Episode 10, Emily Infeld | Episode 11, Taylor Treacy |Episode 12, Grayson Murphy | Episode 13, Courtney Wayment

SEASON 1: All 12 episodes are available to download and stream. Guests included Molly Seidel, Alison Wade, Nia Akins, Mary Cain and more.

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