U.S. Champion Melissa Jefferson On The Power Of Community

Out Of The Blocks

August 31, 2022

Jasmine Todd and Katelyn Hutchison speak with U.S. 100m champion Melissa Jefferson on the power of community that helped her become one of the best short sprinters in the country. She ran a wind-aided 10.69 to become the No. on the U.S. all-time, all-conditions list. After finishing 8th at the NCAA Championships in the 100m, she stormed back to win the USATF Championships a few weeks later. She was also the NCAA indoor champion at 60m while at Coastal Carolina.

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– “It was almost as if they had to pick me up and shake me to say, ‘You just won a national championship! Believe it!’ I’m like, ‘OK! I’m trying! It’s not working!’ It was very special. I felt very loved.”

– “That love is so important for the days when things aren’t going your way. Even though NCAAs didn’t go the way I wanted to, it’s not about the races sometimes. Sometimes it’s about the workouts and other times it’s about school. Having that love surround you gives you a reason to keep going. I have all of these people who believe in me so why should I give up or throw a hissyfit just because it’s not working out today? If it doesn’t work out today, it might not work out tomorrow. It might work out eventually, if I don’t quit. I feel like that’s one of the things that has gotten me to where I am.”

– “After the 100 went the way it went at Worlds, I feel like I went into a state of shock. I couldn’t be upset with myself because I could feel everyone’s love for me from home. No matter how that race went, there were still a lot of people who were proud of me and they still want to see me succeed…Having that type of atmosphere around you was special.”

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