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Peter Bromka and Patrick Reaves of Bowerman Track Club on the OTQ Pursuit at CIM

“Ryan Hall once compared marathoning to prizefighting. Sometimes you’ve got to have the mentality, where you’re just going into the gym day in day out, and you show up on race day and hope you’re in fighting shape. You’ve got to have the belief and confidence.” – Patrick Reaves on the Bowerman Track Club Elite team’s approach to training in preparation for CIM and Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifying shots

We’re opening up the jacuzzi to friends. Peter Bromka and Patrick Reaves of the Bowerman Track Club join Full Tub to discuss the California International Marathon and the pursuit of the 2:19:00 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials qualifying mark.

More than 100 people were on pace to hit the qualifier at the halfway mark and then the marathon started to take its toll on people. At the end of the day, 37 men hit the qualifying mark. Bromka finished 38th and ran 2:19:02 at CIM to miss the standard by a heartbreaking two seconds.

“Honestly, I could find two seconds everywhere and nowhere on that course on Sunday,” Bromka wrote on Instagram after the race. “The drizzle soaked asphalt was trampled by hundreds of men racing in unison to achieve a dream together. But of course, it’s never that simple.”

Reaves joins the show to share his own insight into how he qualified at the 2018 edition of CIM (2:17:40), the team effort that went into setting this OTQ goal and how life has changed since he hit the mark.

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In addition to being a great runner, Bromka is also a tremendous and relatable runner. Catch some of Bromka’s post-race reflections on Instagram here:

On falling two seconds short.

On calling his mother after the race

On his teammates and the collaborative effort to dream big

On the final mile

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