Get To Know: Alexi Pappas

Alexi Pappas loves to tell stories. She writes, she runs and when you hear her speak you can’t help but become engrossed in what she has to say. In actuality, the most interesting story Alexi tells is about her life and the places she’s been. Her personal journey includes growing up in the Bay, exploring creativity and running in Hanover, NH, mindful development into a national class runner on the trails of Eugene, all before representing her Greek heritage at the Rio Olympic games. Through her travels, Alexi has developed admiration and relationships with many people she considers role models. What she realizes now is that she has grown into quite the role model herself. Join Woody Kincaid in this inspiring edition of The Price of a Mile.

Producer: Cody Barton (@ CodyMBarton)

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Stephen Kersh

Former collegiate runner for University of Portland and Georgetown, currently a professional runner weighing sponsorship offers from no one. Enjoys using the internet to message Scott Olberding and Paul Snyder about bad story ideas. Does not assume he will work at Citius much longer due to the bad story ideas. He once gave a TED Talk titled "Twitter: How We Are All Just Shouting into a Vacuum" to his best friend and his girlfriend on the beaches of Connecticut.