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Audience of One with Molly Seidel


This week’s guest is Molly Seidel fresh off high off her 1:09:20 half marathon personal best in Las Vegas last weekend and the announcement that she’s signed a new contract with PUMA.

We talked about her first race in new shoes, the inside scoop on the professional contract process and a surprisingly deep conversation on the challenges of sharing on social media.

We also covered the “pants vs. tights” debate, the possibility of a “beer 10k,” and Molly puts her Instagram crush on blast in advance of Tokyo 2021.

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molly seidel puma contract talk podcast


On priorities when signing a contract: 

“When I was going in, knowing that I was in a position of power, the only two things I knew I wanted were that I wanted to keep Boston as my home base and I wanted to keep Jon Green as my coach. Those were the only two things that were set in stone, and any company that didn’t allow me to do those things were an absolute ‘no.’ I think that knowing my values and knowing what’s important to me made the whole process so much easier.” 

On Puma’s carbon shoes: 

“Right now, shoes are such a big part of the game [….] that was a big thing for me in my signing decision. I want to make sure that I’m wearing the best thing possible when I step on the line in Sapporo this summer, and I needed to make sure that what I’m racing in is going to put me on the same level as the people around me in terms of shoes. And I’m fully confident in that.”

On having a complex identity as a public figure:

“The assumption that anybody has to be just one thing is just fundamentally flawed. You have to appreciate that people are complex and messy and change over time. Having a little bit more empathy and understanding for the people around you is the most important thing, both in real life and on social media.”

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