Michigan State Star Morgan Beadlescomb Turns Pro, Joins Very Nice Track Club

Run Your Mouth

August 1, 2022

“The biggest thing for me [in turning pro] was finding the group that would be the best fit for me. I really wanted to join a group that enjoyed running for what it’s supposed to be and to have fun with it.”

This week’s guest is Morgan Beadlescomb, a recent Michigan State grad turned professional runner who came on the podcast to share some big news about his running future. Morgan is a 3:52 miler who already has two top-10 finishes at USAs in the 5000m in the last two years, and he’s one of the most promising distance prospects coming out of the NCAA system. Morgan’s in Italy doing a mini racing circuit right now, and right after we recorded this episode, he notched a 1500m PB of 3:37.03 in a race in Lignano Sabbiadoro. In our conversation, we speak about his choice to join a professional training group and how he reached the decision he did, as well as his current training setup and plans for the future.

We also covered Morgan’s distinctive style choices, what he’s like as a roommate, and who his mom’s favorite runner is. We had a hilarious and wide-ranging conversation that you’ll really enjoy, and we also got a lot of really interesting insight into who Morgan is as a runner and person.

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On being mentored by Michigan legend Nick Willis:

“He’s pretty much an open book. He was huge in helping me with agents, coaches, teams, and what to look out for. He’s a great person to have around and a huge help ever since I started taking running really seriously.”

On breaking out as a grad student at Michigan:

“After the Trials I had agents and coaches reaching out to me, and then [running 3:52 in] that indoor mile was when I realized – ‘hey I might need to have a second job.’ I got home from the track and I had 800 or 900 Instagram notifications.”

David Melly

David began contributing to CITIUS in 2018, and quickly cemented himself as an integral part of the team thanks to his quick wit, hot takes, undying love for the sport and willingness to get yelled at online.