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Flamin’ Hot Miles with Taryn Rawlings


This week’s guest is Taryn Rawlings of Dark Sky Distance.

Taryn is an Oregon native and graduate of the University of Portland who competed in the 1500 meters at the 2021 Olympic Trials after a year of battling injuries, and following a disappointing Trials performance, went on to set personal bests of 4:05 in the 1500 and 4:28 in the mile later this summer.

We had a great conversation about bouncing back from setbacks, how to get through the stresses of the pandemic and whether she prefers the mile or the 1500. We also covered binge-watching, side hustles, hanging with the “Portland Mafia” and much more.

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Photo by Justin Britton

taryn rawlings run your mouth podcast


On training in Portland for the summer:

“It’s been so nice. I met some of them [Portland-based pros] in college, so it was kind of fun to come back and be training with them. It’s been perfect because Sinclaire and I have been able to train together a bit, which has been so nice, and having the running squad traveling to meets too… you have this extra support crew there which is fun and super helpful.”

On being added to Trials late following the Shelby Houlihan news:

“It was a wild week… I was initially thinking, ‘I’m not going to get in,’ and it got to the point where it scratched down to me being the first person out, and I was like, ‘ugh, that sucks.’ And then everything came out with Shelby […] I didn’t want to say anything, because this is such a crappy situation, and it makes me feel so bad if the only reason I get to run is if she gets pulled out [….] It was kinda a whirlwind, but I was definitely happy for the opportunity to get to run in the end.”

On moving forward to set personal bests after Trials:

“My mindset really shifted from the Trials to ‘what can I get out of this season still.’ It just took a few good workouts for me to get the confidence back, and there was no pressure because I had been through so much the past year just to get back to the starting line. I just wanted to have fun with it again and compete.”

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