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Running In New York City During the Time of Coronavirus + Remember the Olympic Trials

Chris Chavez and Leigh Anne Sharek reconnect over Skype to discuss the uncertainty and odd feeling of running in New York City during the coronavirus pandemic.

More than 15,000 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in New York State and people have been encouraged to stay indoors. However, you are permitted and some experts encourage still getting out for walks, hikes or runs as long as you remain six feet away from other people.

As an escape from the coronavirus chatter, we recap Leigh Anne’s run at the 2020 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials – where she ran 2:49:26 for 213th place among all women. How was she feeling in the leadup to the race? Did it live up to expectations? How bad were the hills that everyone was talking about? What comes next and how does she approach the next Olympic cycle.

This is Runners of NYC. A podcast from CITIUS MAG. Hosts Leigh Anne Sharek and Chris Chavez look to bring you many of the untold stories behind luminaries and legends that make up New York City’s running culture. You can catch the latest episode of the podcast on iTunes so subscribe and leave a five-star review. We are also on Spotify!

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