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Daniel Winn of Brooklyn Track Club

“I want to to see how much faster I can get. I know that I can run a faster mile than I have – just based off my 1,500 meter PR alone [3:37.56] since it converts to two seconds faster…Let’s see what a person in New York can do. There’s been plenty of examples and tons of good runners who have lived here over the years so I’m not pioneering anything but let’s see what this is like. I’m not going to do altitude camps. I don’t have a Normatec in my apartment anymore, which I miss dearly. I feel like this happens to people when they retire and they say, ‘I wonder what I could run for a mile right now?’ There’s nothing at stake…”

If you were to ask Daniel Winn where he’s from, he’d say New York. That’s not true. He’s originally from Portland, Oregon and graduated from the University of Oregon but his heart has always drawn him to New York City. On this episode, you’ll learn a lot about how he went from a walk-on on the Ducks’ track team to very briefly into the indoor mile record holder. He was a finalist and placed 8th at the 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials 1,500 meter final. He currently trains with the Brooklyn Track Club.

In addition to his love for running, Daniel is also a comedy writer and overall great guy. With plenty of funny stories to share, it’s easy to see how we ended up with our longest episode yet.

(Plus a special announcement from Jeanne + changes to the podcast)

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