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Introducing ‘Runners of NYC’ – A New Podcast By Jeanne Mack and Chris Chavez

Hi! I’m Jeanne Mack and I’m here to tell you about a new podcast that’s a bit inspired by the Humans of New York Instagram account.

The name of our new podcast is Runners of NYC. The show is hosted by myself and Chris Chavez. It is the latest addition to the CITIUS MAG Podcast Network.

We’ll be recording it live and in-person with various luminaries and legends that make up New York City’s running culture. We’re excited to bring you their stories and we will do our best to make it a bi-weekly podcast so be sure to subscribe on iTunes and Soundcloud. For listeners who prefer a listening experience on Stitcher or Google Play, no worries. We will try to get the show on those platforms soon.

Listen to the show introduction below:

(With a special guest cameo by Paul Snyder)

Follow the show on Instagram: @RunnersOfNYCPod 

Don’t forget Twitter as well: @RunnersOfNYC

Runners of NYC Podcast Art

Music for the show is from Future Generations, a band that was formed at Fordham University in the Bronx. Check out their new album Landscape, which is now streaming on Spotify and everywhere else.

Podcast art by Kyle Klosinski. Banner photo by Fred Goris at the New York City Tracksmith Relay in June 2018.

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