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Jess Movold, Runner’s World Coach and Mile High Run Club Instructor (LIVE)

You’ve probably seen her on the latest cover of Runner’s World. There’s a chance that she’s blown past you during a race while wearing her Streets 101 singlet. Maybe you’ve taken one of her classes at The Fort or Mile High Run Club? Jess Movold is everywhere and now you get to learn her story.

We were honored to welcome and host Jess for our first-ever LIVE podcast in front of an audience. She takes us all the way back to Hermann, Missouri to tell us about her upbringing with her father and two sisters. Her journey makes its first stop in New York City as an unexpected intern for Tommy Hilfiger and that’s when she picks running back up as a means of commuting and not getting bored. On this show, she’ll take us through some of the challenges from her professional and personal life as well as funny stories about her first marathon, getting lost and having just $4 for a Gatorade during a 22-miler and the big reveal of being on the cover of Runner’s World.

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This is Runners of NYC. A biweekly podcast from CITIUS MAG. Hosts Leigh Anne Sharek and Chris Chavez look to bring you many of the untold stories behind luminaries and legends that make up New York City’s running culture. You can catch the latest episode of the podcast on iTunes so subscribe and leave a five-star review. We are also on Spotify!

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