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Running Things Considered – Answering All The Questions You’ve Brought Up On A Long Run

Introducing the newest show on the CITIUS MAG Podcast Network. The podcast that’s here to answer everything you’ve ever wondered about running. Hosts Ryan Sterner, Stephen Kersh and Thoms Heynk will answer all of the questions that you’ve brought up during a long run or in the locker room. CITIUS MAG readers and listeners contribute their voicemails to drive the conversations in all directions. Bring on the personal stories, the Would You Rathers, strange hypotheticals and much more.

Call into the show: The voicemail line is: (646) 780-9218

On this episode, the guys discuss:


How old is Ben Blankenship?


– What’s the point of watching the first 20 miles of a marathon?

– What All-American track and field athlete is best at evading cops after a bank robbery?

– Does wearing expensive running equipment make you run faster?

– Another short shorts vs. half tights question

– Claudio Irving of California and the infamous 6-12-18-24 challenge

– Running surfaces explored

Listen to the pilot episode on Soundcloud below:


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