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Signs of the Times ft. Nahom Solomon

Avery Bartlett and Zane Coburn sit down with All-American and former teammate Nahom Solomon to have a deeper conversation about the Black Lives Matter movement and different perspectives he may have. After that, we get right into it talking about what cereals we would date, our dream race to commentate, and who we would use our final 200m outkick speed card on. Tune in to find out what the frig that means.

Hit the number with any question: (646)-780-9218


Running Things Considered is back for a new season in a new decade with new hosts!

Taking over are two professional runners. Zane Coburn, a genuinely funny dude who has years of running experience at almost every level, and Avery Bartlett, an ACC champion with an uncomfortable amount of Tik Tok fame. They are bringing weekly podcasts answering your questions submitted by calling 646-780-9218 and leaving a voicemail.

Nothing is off-limits, ask what you want to hear, and get ready to dive into the lives of two of the biggest personalities in the running community.

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