The W’s of Showrunners


July 24, 2019


Who: Me (Scott Fauble) and my friends in the running industry.

What: Showrunners: A podcast where I talk about a specific movie with someone.

Where: In-person, wherever that may be. These conversations are always best in person, they’re more laid back and when you’re right there next to someone they get out of interview mode and get into normal person mode. The show is available for you to download and subscribe to on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and SoundCloud. If you need the podcast on any other platform, email us and we’ll do our best to get it up there soon.

When: It would be cool if I got them out on a weekly basis but I have a feeling it will be sporadic. Sorry, Chavez.

Why: Because I like talking about movies and it seemed like a fun thing to do in a semi-structured way and because if someone else did it I would be into it.

OK, so you get the gist. CITIUS MAG and I are going to do a podcast where I literally just talk about a fun movie with my friends each episode. It’s gonna be great. But there’s one more thing that I want to tell you guys about that I couldn’t squeeze into the W’s part.

We have categories that I thought up and want to tell you about. It’s gonna be easiest if we use a real movie as an example for each of the categories. I just watched The Hangover recently, so let’s do that one.

Here are the categories:


This is stuff about the movie that we liked or have aged well or just generally thought were positive aspects of the movie. So, some winners from The Hangover are Zack Galifinakis’ career, Vegas as a place that I want to go, The Dan Band (the band that plays at Doug’s wedding at the end) and the credits sequence.


This is the part where we talk about stuff that we don’t really like about the movie. So, for The Hangover, one example might be when Bradley Cooper yells, “PAGING DR. F****T.” That’s not the greatest thing and we’re gonna talk about that kinda stuff and we’re gonna do our very best to talk about it intelligently and smartly and not just gloss over it by saying, “Well, that was a different time.”

The GM category

This is a fun but hard one. In this category, you can take one actor and sub them out for a different actor in order to make the movie better. As the host and the guy who makes up the categories, I have decided to allow time travel in this category because that seems like it could be the most fun. So, for The Hangover one example might be switching out Justin Bartha (the guy who the gang loses) for a youngish Paul Rudd. Or you could maybe switch out Jeffery Tambor for Robert Redford as he exists today. That would be weird and fun.

The Sequel Category

In this one, we discuss, could or should there be or have been a sequel and we talk about ways a sequel could have happened. So, with The Hangover, there was a sequel but it was an absolute abomination. Instead, I would have rather seen a sequel where the main three goes back to Vegas, wives and new girlfriends included and the guys have to kinda run interference on their significant others finding out about the debauchery that they created the last time. We bring back Tyson, we bring back Heather Graham as an escort, we bring back Mr. Chau, we bring back Rob Riggle as a cop. They run into Alan who has just gotten busted for counting cards as he was trying to raise money for Black Doug’s bail. So yeah, that’s this category in a nutshell.

The Landry Clark Category

So this category goes out to Landry Clark from season 1 of Friday Night Lights when he reads “Of Mice and Men” to Tim Riggins so that Riggins can stay eligible for the playoffs and then asks him about the themes of the book and how they relate to Tim. So, for The Hangover, I feel like everyone has that friend group that doesn’t quite make sense as adults but you were just friends in high school and have stayed friends and probably one of those guys is an absolute degenerate, like Phil, who you probably should have axed for various reasons but love so you’ve kept him around. I really feel that part.

So yeah, that’s what this thing is. It’s just a fun podcast where I talk about movies with my friends.

We’ve got two episodes out already so check them out now!

Citius Mag Staff