Chris Mosier on the ‘Changing the Game’ documentary and supporting transgender youth in sports

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July 5, 2021

Chris Mosier is a trailblazing hall of fame triathlete, All-American duathlete, and a 6-time member of Team USA. In 2015 he became the first known transgender man to represent the United States in international competition, and was a catalyst for change for the International Olympic Committee policy on transgender athletes. He is also a 2x National Champion and the first transgender athlete to compete in the Olympic Trials in any sport in a category different than their sex assigned at birth. He has devoted his life to fighting for transgender athletes’ rights and fair, inclusive policy.

In this episode, Chris talks about the current moment we are in with so many bills on the table that attack transgender youth. We also talk about the documentary, Changing the Game, that Chris is the Executive Producer of. The film follows transgender high school athletes across the country as they compete at the top of their fields, while also challenging the boundaries and perceptions of fairness and discrimination.

Discussed in this episode:

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Gender-affirming healthcare

–The inherent harm in the phrase “protect girls’ sports”

AP article: lawmakers fail to be able to cite any example of transgender athletes in sports being a problem

Women’s Sports Foundation statement: “Let us be clear, there are many real threats to girls’ and women’s access and opportunity in sports; however, transgender inclusion is not one of them.”

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–Particular struggles that Black transgender kids face

Sha’Carri Richardson and scrutiny of Black women athletes


“This is not a partisan issue. And while it’s been made out to be a partisan issue, my identity should not be political. The identity of these kids should not be political. We’re talking about basic human rights, dignity, respect, and opportunity–like every other kid has–to play the sports they love, to be their authentic selves, and to have a childhood and experience in school that is like that of their peers. That is not a political issue.” -Chris Mosier

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