Cut to the Chase with Emma and Kamilah: transgender athletes’ rights and support from the running community

Social Sport

June 14, 2021

Featuring Vic Thasiah, Executive Director of Runners for Public Lands.

Cut to the Chase with Emma and Kamilah is a monthly series on the Social Sport Podcast. Each month, Emma Zimmerman and co-host, Kamilah Journét, bring you a no-filter conversation at the intersection of endurance sports and social change. In other words, we cut to the chase.

In this episode, we talk about the recent wave of anti-trans bills, transgender athletes’ rights, and support for transgender athletes from the running community. We speak with Vic Thasiah, Executive Director of Runners for Public Lands (RPL), about the recent statement released by RPL and the Running Industry Diversity Coalition, in support of transgender youth. This statement sets a strong example for the rest of the running community and other athletic communities when it comes to publicizing support for transgender youth in sports.

Discussed in this episode:

Map and Lists of states with anti-trans bills passed or introduced

–Take action against anti-trans bill, information on

30% of trans girls reported having attempted suicide

–Harm faced by trans kids intersects with race: learn more from National Black Trans Advocacy Coalition

–Using language: “being united,” rather than “taking a stand”

–Call to action—what you can do to support transgender youth athletes

–Trans athlete-activists’ social media accounts to follow: @thechrismosier@pinkmantaray @athleteally


–“Any risk that comes from being united with people to support transgender youth is such a small risk when compared with the riskiness of being transgender in the United States right now.” -Vic Thasiah

–“Hopefully, we can get conversation going so that it’s harder and harder to pass this legislation and then, in the future, virtually impossible to pass anti-transgender youth legislation. I think, because running is a sport that can involve so many young people across the country, it really is a good place to have this conversation.” -Vic Thasiah

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