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Indra Hayre, diversity & inclusion consultant, model, and founder of Inclu-SKI-vity

Indra Hayre is a Vancouver local, born and raised in the suburbs but has spent her adult life in the city and its’ mountains. She works full time for Arc’teryx and is a freelance Diversity and Inclusion Consultant and Model on the side. She advocates for diversity and inclusion in all aspects of life, and in 2020, founded Inclu-SKI-vity
Through Inclu-SKI-vity, she elevates the voices of traditionally marginalized groups in the snow sport community through sharing interviews.  Additionally, she creates programming geared to breaking down barriers to entry for marginalized folx, focusing on creating psychological safety and subsidizing costs.
Discussed in this episode:
–6:20: the ski community was built upon wealth and money
–Psychological safety 
–12:35: Financial barriers to entry in skiing
–16:47: gender and race power dynamics in sport industries (ski shops, bike shops, etc.)
–20:13: the beginning of inclu-SKI-vity
–BIWOC (black, indigenous, and women of color)
–34:25: straddling THE line between balance and burnout
–37:08: merging diversity and inclusion work with modeling
–“I would have never thought that I wasn’t good at these things until people questioned, or were surprised by, my ability. Because I was a woman, or because I was a woman of color, they unconsciously assumed my ability level and then were surprised when I surpassed that low bar they set for me. I don’t think I ever thought I wasn’t good at these things, or that I couldn’t be good, until people were surprised by my presence and the way I took up space.”
–“I never want other young Indian kids to not think that they’re beautiful, or to think that they don’t belong somewhere. I don’t want them to think that the hair on their arms is a flaw. I want them to move through life a lot easier than I did, and I think a lot of that comes down to representation.”
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