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Lucy Bartholomew on sustainability, body image, and being a positive role model for young athletes


Lucy Bartholomew is a 25-year-old living in Melbourne Australia who runs professionally for Salomon Running. She joined the sport of ultra trail running at age 15, when she ran 100km with her Dad. Her accolades have included setting the course record at the Ultra-Trail Australia Championship and claiming a third-place finish at the 2018 Western States 100-mile race. Recently, she also set the fastest known time on the Larapinta Trail. Lucy says, “I love the nature, the community, the challenges and the resilience that this sport provides.. okay, and all the food you get to eat too!”

Discussed in this episode:

–Larapinta Trail

–Lucy’s Larapinta Trail recap post

–Lucy’s recent quote on body image in Runner’s World

–Body positivity vs. body neutrality

–Many different forms of sustainability

Sustain plant-based cookbook

Lucy and her watermelon

The Lost Art of Running: A Journey to Rediscover the Forgotten Essence of Human Movement by Shane Benzie and Tim Major 

–Quote: “I surround myself with people who support me and don’t pressure me to be anything different. I’ve learned that if you do anything with confidence, ANYTHING—if you wear a new hairstyle with confidence, if you wear a new t-shirt with confidence, or if you say you don’t drink alcohol with confidence—people will say, ‘oh wow, she owns that.’”

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