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Megan Flanagan, Strong Runner Chicks founder and wellness professional


This episode with Megan Flanagan is the first episode in a two-part series featuring Strong Runner Chicks (SRC), an online community redefining what it means to be a female distance runner.

Megan Flanagan is a certified personal trainer, strength & running coach, Founder of Strong Runner Chicks, and former NCAA runner turned obstacle course racer and wellness professional. In this episode we talk all about Megan’s many passions and how they fit together–fostering a stronger women’s running community and a more wholistic approach to health and wellness.

Discussed in this episode:

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Quote: “We often think we need to get all these degrees, do all these things, and hit all these milestone before we’re worthy, or before we can share things with other people. But even if you’re just one step ahead of someone else, you have something to teach them.”

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