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Savannah and Dallas Erdahl of OPE Running on handmade, sustainable, & ethical running apparel


Savanah and Dallas Erdahl are the co-founders of OPE Running, which was born from a desire for ethically and sustainably-made running apparel that doesn’t compromise on style and fun. Savannah and Dallas combined their passions to create OPE! Savannah’s background is in apparel, previously a seamstress for a local designer, while designing and sewing as much as she could in her free time. Dallas is an avid runner with a deep love for the sport.

All of OPE’s garments are made by HAND by Savannah, out of dead stock and recycled materials, in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Discussed in this episode:

–The snowball effect of sustainability

The True Cost documentary

–Issues with sustainability in the fashion industry

–The difference between dead-stock and recycled fabrics

–The saying “ope” and “Minnesota-speak”

Artiken and Miir partnerships

–The Brave like Gabe Foundation

–“If you’re getting a t-shirt for five dollars, that cost is coming from somewhere. Someone is paying for that—the environment is paying for it, or people are paying for it with their labor. You’re not magically getting a five dollar shirt. Someone has to deal with the consequences. We want to see other brands own up to that cost.” -Dallas Erdahl

–“One of the greatest challenges for me was to be taken seriously in an industry that’s generally run by older, White men.” -Savannah Erdahl

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