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Sidney Baptista on PIONEERS Run Crew and running as connection and inclusion


Sidney Baptista (Sid) is the founder of Pioneers Run Crew, the host of the Fitness in Color Podcast, a father, and an individual passionate about the power of running to create connections, elevate voices, and champion change. Based in Dorchester, Massachusetts, Sid is currently building a performance streetwear brand, PYNRS, and working as a consultant on diversity, equity, and inclusion in the running industry.

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  • “Don’t make your first Black hire the head of diversity. Black people need to be at every facet of the job—in social media, in writing, in product development, in decision-making, on the board—at every level. Unless you have that, everything that you do is a band aid solution.”
  • “Sport is a great equalizer. Especially running. As much as running is a solo sport it’s a connector… and I think the more we run side by side, the more we meet eye to eye.”

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