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Sabrina L. De La Cruz on Angel City Elite and inspiring the next generation of BIPOC runners


Sabrina L. De La Cruz is an elite runner, Olympic Trials Qualifier, and co-founder of Angel City Elite, a running team with the mission to bridge the disparity gap of BIPOC representation in the running community.

In this episode, we talk all about Angel City Elite, why representation is so important at the elite level, eating disorders and cultural beauty standards, and female athlete health.

Discussed in this episode:

Women’s Running article on Angel City Elite

–Angel City Elite’s partnership with Brooks

–Starla Garcia on the Social Sport Podcast

–Mexican American beauty standards vs stereotypical expectation of a “runner’s body”

–Cultural identity as it interacts with eating disorders and body expectations

–Sabrina’s twin sister and their shared experience with eating disorders and body shame

–Menstrual health for female athletes

–Running during pregnancy, and what Sabrina has learned from Aliphine Tuliumuk and other pro runners/mothers

–Selena movie, series, and podcast

–Quote: “Running saved me; it shaped who I am, and it helped me attend college. I don’t think I would have attended college if it weren’t for running, because running helped me get a scholarship. I hope that Angel City Elite will connect with the younger generation and teach them that they can run and become educated as well.”

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