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Sandy Namgung on speaking up against anti-Asian violence, and not letting racism win


Sandy Namgung (she/her) is a five-time vegan and cruelty-free marathoner, writer, and social justice advocate based in Duwamish land (Seattle, WA).

As a Korean American woman, Sandy was frustrated by the lack of media attention regarding the significant increase of anti-Asian racism and violence during COVID-19. She began sharing and speaking up on Instagram about the racism, erasure, invisibility, and misogyny Asian communities continue to experience today, including within the running community.

Through her advocacy work and writing, Sandy continues to fight against the harmful casting of Asian Americans as “model minorities,” break stereotypes that dehumanize Asian women, and hopes to contribute to a new narrative that recognizes and values the diversity of Asian people and their full personhood.

Discussed in this episode:

–@Diversewerun Instagram account and Sandy’s feature

–Societal focus on athletes’ body sizes

–Korean and American beauty standards and running

–The lack of media attention on the increase in anti-Asian violence at beginning of the pandemic

–Sandy’s June 2020 Instagram post on running as a BIPOC athlete

–Mental health effects of racism

–Sandy’s Medium article, “Dear Allies and Antiracists, Where Are You?”

The Model Minority Myth

–Cruelty-free veganism

–How to balance your physical and mental health with environmental/cruelty-free food values

–“If I keep on not running [out of fear], if I keep denying myself this happiness, them I’m letting racism win. I’m letting hate win. That thought is what led me to start running again.” -Sandy Namgung

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