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Vanessa Foerster on Diversify Triathlon Movement and training your mind


Vanessa Foerster is a Mental Endurance Coach for triathletes and the founder of the Diversify Triathlon Movement. In both avenues, Vanessa strives to be an example of what’s possible, on and off the racecourse.  She believes that in order to reach our true potential, we must train our brains like we train our bodies.  Her project to diversify triathlon stems from the desire to make start lines as colorful as the world around us.

In this episode, we talk mostly about the powerful Diversify Triathlon Movement, which launched in June. We also talk about Vanessa’s mental endurance coaching, and how it relates to sport and life!

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“How you do anything is how you do everything, and I’m really committed to being an example of what’s possible. And that’s not just as a person of color, that’s as a human being–how I can use my brain to create more of what I want to see in the world, or what I want to see in my own life.”
*Photo by Nicole Wild

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