Zahra Alabanza on outdoor adventure for healing and Black liberation

Social Sport

July 19, 2021

Zahra Alabanza (she/her/they) conjures enthusiasm for life by practicing pleasure and play, living simply and seeking joy. Being a parent, organizer, creator and adventurer are a few roles that allow her to explore the depths of her pleasure and joy. She curates experiences; decolonizes and deconstructs spaces; and utilizes outdoor adventure, land base work, and wellness rituals to contribute to enhancing the quality of life among Black folk. Her work centers Black women, children and queer folks and meets at the intersection of justice, principled living, healing, quality of life, and Black liberation.

She is the co-founder of Red, Bike and Green-Atlanta and Black Freedom Outfitters.

Discussed in this episode:

–“striving to be full”

Black Freedom Outfitters

Black Feminist Future

–Environmental stewardship through outdoor adventure

–White-washing of environmentalism

Red Bike and Green Atlanta

–Zahra’s planting at Rooted Plants and Tings


“If you’re riding a bike for any mileage, let alone long miles over multiple days, what that does for who you are and how you show up in the world is really phenomenal.”

“It’s not an inconvenience to consider the earth. We actually must.”

“What was once joy became politicized. And then, I became exhausted.”

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