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Zoë Rom on climate change and environmental justice in sports journalism


Zoë Rom is the Associate Editor of Trail Runner Magazine, a journalist, writer, and environmental advocate. She graduated from the University of Arkansas with degrees in English and French Literature, before heading for bigger hills on Colorado’s Front Range. She fell in love with the mountains through trail running, climbing and mountaineering while pursuing a master’s degree in environmental journalism at The University of Colorado in Boulder. After working as a sled-dog reporter in rural Alaska collecting sound at Aspen Public Radio as a producer and reporter, Zoë moved to Carbondale to work at Trail Runner in 2019. She writes, produces and hosts the DNF Podcast. She won a Colorado Broadcaster’s award for her feature reporting on the history of Colorado rodeos, and her reporting on avalanches has been featured on NPR’s All Things Considered and Morning Edition.

Discussed in this episode:

–Upcoming environmental issue of Trail Runner Magazine


–Connection between spirituality and the outdoors

–Zoë’s journalism on arctic exploration 

“Climate Heroes and Hypocrites”

–How to inspire the outdoor industry to push for systemic climate action

–Environmentalism needs to be environmental justice

–The role of the outdoor industry in rural communities

–Zoë’s Capitol Peak FKT


“I think that all environmentalism should be informed by a love of people first.”

“We need to radically recreate this industry and our culture to take into account the most vulnerable communities. The outdoor industry is focused on pretending that’s not our problem when it absolutely is… To me, any conversation on environmentalism that does not include justice and does not include equity and does not focus on the most vulnerable among us, is going to fall flat.”

“Investing in industries that develop rural economies, rather than just extract from them, is a great way that you can engage with outdoor spaces.”

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