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The Nebraska Wesleyan 4X4 7PEAT – Part 3


“They showed me that they wanted me. To be able to go to a school where I would be viewed as an asset to the team, I thought was really cool.”

In Part 3 of the series, we speak with Aspen Rolfes and Anna Frazier to learn how the streak continued. As you’ve learned in the previous two episodes, there were two big spots to fill with Abby and Katie graduating. These two women took different paths to be on the relay but had a major impact on the team.

The recruiting process is the lifeblood of any program. One strong class can make a difference for a team’s culture. In this case, landing Aspen was instrumental in continuing The Streak. Coach McKenzie and the Twins alluded to how important it was to land Aspen. Aspen had different opportunities across all divisions but ultimately chose NWU for the people. The support the coaches and athletes showed Aspen was the tipping point for her to choose Nebraska Wesleyan as her home. She had an instant impact as she earned her spot on the relay in her first season.

Anna’s route to the relay was a bit different. As a classmate of the Twins (in high school and college), Anna eventually became a 400 runner. Her volleyball background led her to try different field events, and the idea was born to try the heptathlon. When Katie and Abby graduated, Anna sat down with Ted to express her desire to be on the relay. She left the multis to help the team and it proved to be the right decision. Her senior season wasn’t what she envisioned as she was injured. But the trust from Ted willed her to compete her best during the Finals to ensure her team got the win.

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On choosing to go D3:

“I wanted to continue to be successful from the get-go. I didn’t want to be back at the bottom on my team and wait until my senior year to do something exciting. Division 3 was a better fit for my goals”

On coming in to help the team:

“I was determined to work hard so I wouldn’t let them down. I wanted to make sure I came in ready to fill that spot”

On how to handle success:

“I really learned from them (the twins). Seeing how they interacted with all their success, without bragging about it, we knew it was there and so we decided we’re gonna work hard and whatever happens, happens.

On not focusing on the outcomes:

“We all said we’re gonna control what we can control. We can’t control outcomes, but we can control what happens to us. So as long as we put in as much work as possible, the outcome will be there”

On focusing on the relay instead of individual events:

“The team and the 4×4 was always so important to me. I would go hard no matter what. I didn’t care about my personal success, I wanted to be successful for the team.”

On wanting to join the relay:

“I remember being at high jump practice and saw the girls doing 300 repeats. Who wants to do 300 repeats?! But for me, that was the moment that is where my passion is and I knew I wanted to be a part of it.”

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