Introducing The Track and Field History Podcast with Jesse Squire

Since I started covering track and field, Jesse Squire has been an invaluable voice of support and knowledge within the sport. When we started CITIUS MAG in 2017, he quickly asked to help out in any way that he could and so we’ve brought him on as a contributor. For years, he’s done tremendous work for Track and Field News and other media outlets. For months, I kicked around the idea of having him come on the CITIUS MAG Podcast for history segments but decided that someone like Jesse is worth having his own show.

I am pleased to announce that we’ve decided to launch the Track and Field History Podcast with Jesse Squire on the CITIUS MAG Podcast Network. It is now available to listen to on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Anchor.

The show’s concept will be simple. Consider Jesse your history buff and for 10-20 minutes, he’ll give you a brief history lesson on some of the best athletes, coaches, races and moments of the sport. That’s it. Occasionally, Jesse may have a guest to recount these moments. The show aims to educate and inform younger generations of track and field fans as well as bring back some old memories for others.

Plus, Jesse’s got a great voice as a race announcer.

Check it out. Subscribe, rate and review. Exciting things to come from Jesse and the CITIUS MAG team.

– Chris Chavez

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Citius Mag Staff