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October 1, 2021

Rejected Strava Partner Challenges

Honda Get off Your Feet Challenge

Complete 5 activities under 0.5 miles in 5 days by automobile

America Sports Company USA Military Public Activity Challenge

Brave American soldiers! Run many activities at all your American bases, outposts, and other proud facilities to win prizes. Secret and classified bases win most prizes. Activities must be public to win. Please no privacy settings. This is the most important rule. It is for patriotism. USA!

OomphBoom Is This Even a Real Company? Challenge

Presented by the team at OomphBoom. Complete 15 activities of at least 15 minutes this month to find out if OomphBoom is even an actual company and, if so, what exactly they do. Specialty socks? Collagen powder? Online sleep coaching? Or maybe it’s some fitness-sounding gibberish we just made up to fill space. There’s only one way to find out.

Strava Strava Subscription Challenge

Spend at least 60 dollars in one day to complete the Strava Subscription Challenge. Those who complete the challenge will get a special orange badge on their profile photo, access to free Garmin Connect data without having to log into Garmin Connect and a chance at the satisfaction of being a little more into running than the rest of these joggers.

Roka This is My Two Weeks’ Notice Challenge

Hey, it’s the guy at Roka responsible for coming up with all our Strava challenges. Like, that’s my entire job. I’m at my breaking point. Why did we commit to doing four thousand of these? You’ve either become a Roka customer by now, or you never will. This is my two weeks’ notice. If you need a challenge, run all the way to Roka headquarters in the next two weeks and you can have my job. Hell, I’ll even throw in a pair of these big-ass sunglasses.

Honey Stinger Warm-up Cheese and High-Fiber Energy Gels Challenge

No? Okay, never mind then.

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