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May 9, 2017

Running Documentaries and Videos You Should Watch #4: A DECADE ON – Brian Morrison and The Western States 100

We are a few weeks out from Western States 100, where last year Jim Walmsley kept everyone on the edge of their seat. I was following the race via twitter as he attempted to break the Western States 100 record. Arguably, I think it was the most exciting race to follow on Twitter that wasn’t even broadcasted and that’s common in the ultra and trail scene.

Despite not achieving the course record, Walmsley’s race will forever be in the Western States 100 history books. But the thing is, Jim is just one of the many stories and moments that come from the most competitive 100 mile race.

Ginger Runner, one of the running community’s favorite vlogger, produced a documentary about Brian Morrison, a man who will probably be talked about every year for the rest of the race’s existence.

In 2006, Morrison was on fire and on pace to win Western States 100.  When he found himself reaching the last hundred meters of the race, his body began to shut down. With the help of his friends, he finished the race. BUT because he finished with the help of his friends, his performance was marked as DNF. 10 years later, Morrison then returned to the start line with one goal in mind – to finish and get the famous belt buckle that is awarded.

The documentary features Scott Jurek, Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard (what Jack Johnson is to surfing, is what Gibbard is to trail running) and Morrison’s wife Andrea (who certainly brings an interesting view on Morrison’s motivation to finish a Western States 100 race).  It’s clear from the start of the 2016 Western States 100 race that he wasn’t racing to win it, but there is something really admirable about Morrison’s desire to just complete the race that has been the bane of his existence for all those years.

Ginger Runner’s documentary puts the viewer in the shotgun seat for Morrisson’s 100-mile journey.

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