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October 20, 2017

Milwaukee (Almost) Marathon Messes Up Two Years In A Row

It was someone’s job to place a cone down at the proper spot on the Mile 22 turnaround just one year after the Milwaukee Marathon was measured and it was too long. Alas, they managed to some how mess it up and the course ended up being 25.4 miles instead of the 26.2.

If you were a runner from that race, the good news is that you can say that you managed to cover the original marathon distance and back it up with the fact that when Pierre de Coubertin organized the first race at the Olympics from the Marathon Bridge to the Olympic Stadium in Athens, Greece, that course was about 24.85 miles long.

The bad news is that several Boston Marathon qualifiers from the race will not be counted for the 2019 Boston Marathon. The window to chase a qualifying time remains open until September 2018. It’s painful but certainly not the end of the world since there’s still time to redeem yourself.

That’s two strikes on the PNC Milwaukee Marathon so if you live in the area, it might be worth looking into running 26.2 miles in that city, then the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon has been the more popular and safer option for years. I helped pace my friend, Katie, there for her first marathon and used the first 20 miles as a workout and it’s a nice flat and fast course. The PNC Milwaukee Marathon has changed starting and finish lines in each of its first three years of existence so maybe next year they’ll get it perfected.

When this story first came across out attention, Ryan Sterner had the best comment, “These people should only be able to place ‘25.4’ stickers on their bumpers.”

Here’s a couple headlines to catch you up on the latest happenings of the track and field world as you sip your coffee. If there’s any story that you think should make the next edition of TLC, then shoot me message. You can reach me at: [email protected] or tweet at me @ChrisChavez.

Olympic medalist Evan Jager to donate uniform to Jacobs High School

Sticking in the midwest for a second, this is a cool gesture by Jager. I attended Marquette University and was close with William Hennessy, who ran at Jacobs and claims that he’s the third-fastest guy to come out of that high school, and I can tell you that Jager is an absolute hero at that school.

Joyciline Jepkosgei to take centerstage in Valencia

The women’s half marathon world record will be on watch this weekend at the Valencia Half Marathon with world record holder Joyciline Jepkosgei racing. In Prague, she ran 64:52 and set world records for 10K, 15K and 20K in the process. She lowered that 10K record and became the first woman to break 30 minutes with a 29:43.

Amazon removes Oscar Pistorius costume after backlash

It’s that time of the year when someone is going to come up with a horrible and controversial costume idea. It seems like the bad ideas around Oscar Pistorius won’t cool down either. First, we’ve got that upcoming Lifetime movie that looks awful and now this.

VICE feature on Boris Berian

Boris Berian was one of the U.S. stars heading into the 2016 Olympics with his McDonalds to Rio storyline. He missed last season due to injury but here’s a cool video feature that I haven’t seen shared much.

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