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September 8, 2017

Takes Like Coffee: Inside look at the WCAP Program

A few years back, my former colleague Mitch Kastoff used to round-up some of the day’s best headlines and provided a one-liner that was sometimes a joke, take or relatable Youtube video to go along with it. I miss it. I also miss Mitch a lot. So I’ve decided to bring it back and we’re going to call it, “Takes Like Coffee”. I’ll work this up every night before I go to bed so that you’re able to find it on the home page on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays.

I’ll do a regular mailbag every Tuesday so send over questions to [email protected] or tweet at me @ChrisChavez. If there’s any story that you think should make the next edition of TLC, then shoot me message.

CITIUS MAG Podcast drops every Friday and sometimes a bonus episode earlier in the week. We had the Scott Fauble episode out on Wednesday so check it out on iTunes and Soundcloud. The Matt Llano episode will be posted shortly. We’ve gotten a few requests from listeners to try and get it on Stitcher so I’ll work on that soon.

Here are some of the top five headlines going into the weekend:

How A Small-Time Training Group And An Army Program Changed American Distance Running via Deadspin

There’s been a few articles written about the WCAP Program in recent years and it’s certainly a topic of conversation among elite distance runners and coaches from time to time. Sarah Barker of Deadspin does a good job of spending some time with the group and providing a balanced perspective on the core of runners that have changed the American distance scene. Paul Chelimo provides a money quote with ““Now the U.S. won’t be embarrassed, we won’t be lapped anymore. We don’t need people who quit when it gets hard.”

#OfficeGoals – White Collar Factory has a track on its rooftop via SPIKES

The CITIUS MAG HQ will be moving to London after watching this video.

The David Torrence Memorial Fund

A GoFund Me has been set up by Olympian Alysia Montano to help David Torrence’s family cover the costs of any expenses that may incur related to David’s death. I didn’t see this until yesterday but it was impressive that the $11,000 goal was hit in four days. 96 people have donated more than $1,200 and the new goal is now $20,000. The track and field community has really proven that it can rally together in previous campaigns to assist in the cancer treatment costs for Gabe Grunewald or Luke Puskedra’s daughter, Penelope. Here’s another example of that community doing good.

Part II of the Nick Willis Q&A on

Here’s more from the guys at LetsRun discussing some of Nick Willis’ competitors over the years including the always curious case of Taoufik Makhloufi in post-Olympic years.

More Berlin Marathon Hype from the Kenyan media

Writing headlines around the Berlin Marathon is easy because all you have to do is “[Insert headliner] targets marathon world record in Berlin” but this year, that can be said about Wilson Kipsang, Eliud Kipchoge and Kenenisa Bekele. So you have to get a little more creative. Bekele says that he wants torun around 2:01:30 before he retires. Same here, man. Eliud Kipchoge wearing a “Berlin WR” jacket and shirt is a cool move and certainly beats my “Sub-3:53” pullover that I will have in Berlin.

We are just two days away from the NYRR 5th Avenue Mile and Citius will be represented by Ammar Moussa and me in the media mile race. We currently have a prediction contest going with Roll Recovery going, where if you guess what I run then you’ll win one of their R3 foot rollers. Get those guesses in by tweeting your prediction to @CitiusMag with #RollCitius. Some tidbits to help you out? My personal best is 5:28 and my season’s best is 5:45.

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