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February 22, 2017

Tell a sad story using only three words: Running tales

A meme caught a little bit of fire on Twitter on Wednesday night that simply put out a request to Write a sad story using only three words. The meme was dropped in our Citius Mag Slack channel and it caught fire. We bring you 20 of the best…even though some of the writers continue to drop more.

Here are 20 sad running stories in only three words:

  • Buns up buttcrack
  • Need to poop
  • Dopers stealing medals
  • Starring Jared Leto
  • Chafed nipples bleeding
  • Swam during steeplechase
  • Who’s got spikes?
  • Where’s my bib?
  • Lost my chip
  • I finished fourth
  • Moonlighting marathon investigator
  • Ran with scissors
  • Landed on ACL
  • Rain hides tears
  • What’s that smell
  • Who tested positive?
  • No new PRs
  • Stepped on glass
  • Watch lane one
  • There’s no more
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