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February 23, 2017

Watch: Happy Hour with Jack Daniels

Chris’ Note: Another addition to the site will be some occasional videos from a good buddy of mine, R.J. McNichols. We first worked together back in 2012 and have shared many experiences covering track on the road. R.J. has put together some great films that you can check out on his website. His latest film was released last year and it was  feature length documentary on the running culture and history behind Flagstaff. He’s happy to share some clips that were left on the cutting room floor and various other little fun projects. We’re very happy to bring R.J. onto the Citius staff.

His first clip gives a little behind the scenes look at the time that he spent with renowned coach Jack Daniels. You can see the joy on Daniels’ face as he pulls out various mementos from over the years.


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