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January 2, 2018

Welcome to CITIUS MAG in 2018

Greetings Citwits,

We just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your continued support in 2017. We still have a month to go before our site turns one year old but we’re already looking forward to the upcoming year and seeing what fresh content we can provide for our loyal legion of readers, listeners and followers.

Like Stephen Kersh said on Twitter after he hit a follower milestone, we had no clue what we were doing when we decided to launch the site. We still are figuring out what you guys enjoy the most and what some of our best content from the past 11 months has been. Someone once tweeted at us and said that we’re like what happens if Bill Simmons and LetsRun (just the good parts) had a baby and we’ll take that as a compliment.

We’re going to try and incorporate more videos and social content for you all. Your favorite bloggers like the aforementioned Stephen Kersh, Ryan Sterner, Scott Olberding, Nicole Bush, Jesse Squire, Kevin Liao and others will continue hammering away at their laptops for your enjoyment.

We’re in the planning stages to roll out the CITIUS MAG Track Club in the coming months so stay tuned for that. We’re experimenting with using our Instagram story as a news feed with the top storylines of the day, courtesy of our IG man Brandon Sotelo.

Chris Chavez, Woody Kincaid and the pundits on the CITIUS Cinema Podcast will continue delivering engaging and insightful interviews on ur podcast network. We’re working on possibly bringing back Malcolm the Cat but his agent has been tough to work with.

We’re always open to new ideas and we’re currently looking for a new crop of contributors for the 2018 calendar year. If you think you’ve got the same vibe as us, we’re ready to hear your pitches. We already have a few new bloggers to debut in the coming weeks. Want to join the team? Shoot us an email: [email protected].

So for those new to the site, welcome. For those coming back for more, thanks for the support and we’ll be seeing more of you in 2018.



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