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March 19, 2017

Welcome to Music Week

Indoor track’s over. Outdoor doesn’t fully pop off for a few weeks. We just skated through the Ides of March. And we have nothing running-related that we want to write about right now.

So we here at Citius Mag are about to employ my personal favorite pickup line on you, the reader, and we sure hope it’s effective:

“Do you like music?”

That’s right. You better.

Because this is now Music Week at Citius. And all week long we’ll be churning out the content you so desperately crave, with a musical twist. We’ll analyze the weird overlap of the track-music Venn diagram. We’ll publicly bicker over whether listening to music while running is bad or good. We’ll proselytize our own personal tastes in music. We’ll discuss if any songs written about running are halfway decent or not. And we’ll have some fun, share some laughs, ya know?

Let us know if there are any ideas you’d like explored, songs dissected, athlete’s musical tastes torn apart, etc, by shooting us an email.

And if this goes well, maybe we’ll do the Tom Hanks Week I’ve been advocating for since we launched.

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