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October 25, 2017

Wood Report: Colorado, New Mexico and Oregon Could Be Separated By One Point?!

It’s been a whirling of a cross country season thus far just like the men’s side. I discussed the women’s race at the NCAA Cross Country National Championships in my column last week and I expect it to be a super close battle for the No. 1 sport.

For more information regarding, the process of how I come to decide these ratings, please check out last month’s introductory post. Below you’ll see my rankings for each of the 31 teams competing at nationals. These are the 31 teams that will compete at nationals. It’s not necessarily the best 31 teams in the country. Due to injuries or shortcomings at certain meets, sometimes we see cases of teams that are very good but don’t make it to the big dance. It happens.

If you have any questions or complaints, tweet them at me: @Wood_Report

Here are the official Wood Report rankings after Pre-Nats and Wisconsin:

Place Team Points
1 Colorado 139
2 New Mexico 139
3 Oregon 140
4 San Francisco 195
5 Michigan 239
6 Arkansas 289
7 North Carolina State 308
8 Providence 314
9 Penn State 344
10 Stanford 345
11 Villanova 362
12 Utah State 393
13 Boise State 405
14 Washington 410
15 Wisconsin 418
16 Furman 440
17 Michigan State 463
18 Georgia 467
19 Eastern Michigan 475
20 Minnesota 477
21 Indiana 484
22 Iowa State 504
23 Georgetown 527
24 Utah 562
25 Ole Miss 569
26 California 588
27 Ohio State 660
28 Columbia 662
29 Air Force 685
30 Baylor 750

Real quick, just some thoughts on the race:

  • That’s right teams within 1 POINT??? Wow. This one is going to be so epic. Last year’s team race was practically a photo finish and who knows if that could be the case again but with one more team in the picture.
  • Colorado’s depth shines through with their team scored: Dani Jones, 5th; Sage Hurta, 30th; Makena Morley, 37th; Kaitlyn Benner, 45th and Tabor Scholl, 50th
  • New Mexico just loses out unless their No. 5 runner can crack the top 100. They’re scored: Ednah Kurgat, 3rd; Alice Wright, 12th; Charlotte Prouse, 18th; Weini Kelati, 27th and Alondra Negron, 114th.
  • The full women’s projected field will be released very soon.
  • We will have a full column of insight and analysis into these rankings so stay tuned to and fire away with questions or complaints to @Wood_Report on Twitter.
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