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July 27, 2017

Watch: Sean Keveren runs 4:19* Blue Jeans Mile

We’re expecting the Blue Jeans Mile world record of 4:34 to get demolished tonight at the Lost Boys Track Club x Citius Mag Denim Dash at East River in New York City but we’re shocked when a Citwit in Nashville tweeted at us that a 4:19 was run this morning.

Sean Keveren is 27 years old and has run a 4:02 mile without jeans. He took to the track this morning and clocked a 4:19. We have seen the video and Strava data to back it up. There was only one problem…

He was wearing 99% cotton jeans. According to our introductory post to the Blue Jeans Mile, that we encourage the first man to break four minutes or first woman to break 4:36 to be wearing 100% denim blue jeans. The men and women who have run times earlier this year have complied by the 100% rules. Does that extra 1% make a difference? We don’t actually know the science behind it. Remember there’s shoes out there that say they can help up to 4% of one’s marathon time. Jeans are jeans so we will recognize Sean’s time as a world lead but we’re going to put a little asterisk next to it.

Hall ran 5:04, which is the sixth fastest time of the year.

He said that he will try again soon and we’re excited to see that happen. The record just may be a little tougher after tonight.

We’re also totally rattled by the possibility of a sub-four now because we said we’d cough up about $1.200 to the first person to do it.

Also shout-out to our friends who decided to put some jeans on at the CNW All Comer’s Meet. Olympic Trials qualifier Drew Polley won the race in 4:48, which resulted in some hilarious reactions from people getting passed by someone in jeans. Hillary Shaw ran a 6:03 to become the second-fastest woman of all-time behind Anna Staats’ 5:56.56.

Watch that race video below:

Blue Jeans Mile at the CNW All Comers Meet. Spoiler: Drew wins overall, Hillary Shaw broke what would have been a world record yesterday.

Posted by Lance Thompson on Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Here’s how the current worlds list looks:

  1. Sean Keveren – 4:19
  2. Pierce Flanders – 4:34.3
  3. Sandy Roberts – 4:43
  4. Ben Nagel – 4:49.0
  5. Brandon Sotelo – 4:54
  6. Hunter Hall – 5:04
  7. Tucker ??? – 5:04.06
  8. Luke Jaramillo – 5:10
  9. Rylan Brown – 5:10
  10. Ian Cropp – 5:12
  11. Ryan Sterner – 5:17

Consider this the first controversy regarding the Blue Jeans Mile.

We’ll be live streaming the NYC Blue Jeans Mile on Facebook and Periscope (available through Twitter) so be sure to follow us there on Thursday night.

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